Love, Love, Love and a Hat

It is that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day!

In my parents house Valentine’s wasn’t a special day at all because my mom thought it was something invented by florists to sell bouqets of flowers.

As it is often the case children do not agree completely with their parents views and thus my husband and I have little things to celebrate Valentine’s day. We dont overindulge in the romantic stuff or buy expensive gifts, we just try to show each other our love through little gestures not only on Valentine’s Day however even more considerate on this day. These little things like cooking a special meal together or spending time playing computer games, watching movies or just talking about crazy stuff are what makes the day special to us.

However I think2016-01-02 15.51.00 that Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic relationships but about every person that matters in your live. So around this day I try to think about persons that make my life full and somehow influence it in a good way and somehow value their impact.

What better way to celebrate than to knit something warm and fun for a loved one which could be anyone from a family member to a special friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse?

Therefore and to help you celebrating Valentine’s Day as well as the release of my website I have two coupon codes for you!


First on the 14th you can get my Warming Hearts Hat for free using the code: Hearts !

In addition to that you will get 14% off any pattern out of my Ravelry store during the 14th and the 20th of February using the code: bemyvalentine !

Leave a comment about if or how you like to celebrate valentines day. What you would like to recive from a loved one on this day?

In addition to that there will be some new things coming up in the near future that were in the making for almost a year so check back regularly to see the latest news.

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